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Based in the heart of North Devon, located on The Square in Barnstaple, our welcoming office is in the centre of the community and we are here to help you. If you are unable to visit us we are more than happy to make arrangements to suit your individual needs. Simply give us a call on 01271 323689 or click here to use our contact form.

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here to help you

Irvine Financial Services Ltd realise that every situation is different and every individual is unique. We've therefore developed a range of services which can be tailored to meet your specific needs no matter how complex.

We will work in partnership with you and look to develop an excellent working relationship that will evolve over time.

Ongoing fees will depend on the type of relationship you choose to have with us and will be discussed and agreed with your Adviser. Of course your circumstances may change over time and we will be flexible in the way we work.

Rest assured that however you choose to develop your personal service, our four key principles – honesty, integrity, reliability and value will underpin our relationship at all times.

the way we work

Irvine Financial Services Ltd follow a carefully designed financial planning process so that you know exactly what is happening at each stage of its six steps:


Identify your needs and objectives

We will arrange an introductory meeting to fully explain how our service works, identify your primary financial needs and objectives and answer any questions.


Gather information

Your Adviser will work with you to fully understand your objectives and develop these into well defined goals. This will involve gathering financial information on any existing plans to enable us to provide a comprehensive picture of your circumstances.


Research & Analysis

Once your objectives are agreed, we will discuss any key considerations with you and assess your attitude to risk. We will then conduct the required research and planning to consider potential benefits and potential solutions to your objectives including the suitability of any existing plans.


Present recommendation

We will present our recommendations to you and take you through them stage by stage. We will set out specific and realistic recommendations aimed to achieve your stated objectives over an agreed time period.



Once you fully understand our recommendations and you are happy with them, we will put these into action.


Ongoing service and relationship

You can agree to an ongoing service from us. This allows us to review your plans to make sure they are on track with your objectives. Our reviews will take account of any changes to your personal circumstances, financial market conditions and relevant legislation.

our services

We can offer levels of service tailored to suit your requirements and you are free to change at any time. We make sure you know exactly what you are getting and precisely how much it will cost.

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Client Agreement - What we do

What we do

To view our Client Agreement - What we do information and services please see the link below


Client Agreement - What we do - PDF